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Basic Astronomy with Telesciope eCourse.
Discover How To Save Yourself Endless Hours Of Frustration -- and Avoid Spending Hundreds on Unnecessary Equipment -- When You Learn To Use Your Telescope With Help From the BBC's "Sky At Night Magazine" Expert! You'll be Navigating the Night Sky Like a Pro In Just Days When You Follow This Step by Step Guide!

If you've ever asked yourself any of these questions this course is for you!

  •     Which telescope should I buy?
  •     Can I use binoculars for astronomy?
  •     Why are all the stars whizzing past?
  •     How do I know what I'm looking at up there?
  •     How do I read a star chart?
  •     Which eyepiece should I use?
  •     Will a filter help me see better?
  •     How do I align my mount?
  •     What are RA and DEC?
  •     What can I expect to see with my telescope?
  •     How can I take a photograph through my telescope?
  •     Can I use my telescope to look at the sun?

DSLR Astro-Imaging Beginners Guide.
Thinking of buying a Digital SLR camera or just bought one and taken black picures of the night sky? This  guide will help you to take fantastic pictures of the heavens. It guides you step by step through the equipment you need, how to take the images and how to process them on your computer.

  • Which Cameras are best for astro imaging and why
  • How to save money and frustration by acquiring the right equipment from the beginning
  • Save yourself from neck ache - we'll show you a simple accessory that will save your neck!
  • Practical information to enable you to make the most of your imaging time
  • How to achieve perfect focus for those pin sharp pictures
  • Tips and Tricks - we'll make sure you avoid the common mistakes most beginners make
  • The best format to use to take your pictures to get the best results
  • How to start processing your images with a guide to the software available
  • Learn the techniques the professionals use to process their images to get stunning results
  • How to ensure your computer is showing you true colour when you are processing your images
  • How to store your images on your computer for easy access and to avoid confusion

Astronomy Know How Free Newsletter.
Discover Astronomy The Easy Way... 'Astronomy Know How' Makes Your Hobby Fun and Accessible.